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 Interview with Mr. Walid Ragih Marketing & Sales Export Manager for Egyptian Spinning & Weaving Co. (ESW) regarding their exhibiting in ITMA Barcelona 2019.

Please provide a short description of your company/products and your sales and marketing approach?
(ESW) EGYPTIAN SPINNING & WEAVING CO., is a prime producer and exporter of 100% Egyptian cotton & 100% US PIMA yarns of count range Ne 16 to Ne 180 (ring-spun & compact "contamination controlled") single, plied & gassed for weaving, knitting & sewing on paper cone or dye cone 4º20/tube 0º. The plant has a capacity of 71,000 spindles. ESW is a private company belonging to one of the leading groups in the textile and yarn sector in Egypt.

Where are your export markets and how has your participation at ITMAhelped your business to grow?
Our main markets are the EU, Turkey, Far East & USA. The last ITMA in Milan provided wider exposure for us. We were able to meet more  new potential customers from these markets. In addition we made new contacts from other markets.

Which buyer profile did you meet at ITMA? Were you looking for agents?
We met functional and technical fabrics manufacturers. We also looked for reliable agents,especially within the developedmarkets.

As ITMA offers an end-to-end solutions platform, ithas enabled textile and garment manufacturers to explore new technologies and materials under one roof. Do you find this fully integrated approach useful for your participation and for buyers?
We think it’s useful for all textile parties. In today’s complex and globalised business environment, there’s need to look at new ideas, trends, developments, collaboration. A lot of brands and manufacturers are looking at integrated solutions so a platform such as ITMA is very useful for the industry.

In your opinion, is exhibiting along technology manufacturers a value-add to your participation in ITMA?
We think it is an excellent idea as the relationship among technology providers, fabric and raw material producers and buyers is synergistic.

Do you see the inclusion of fabrics in the ITMA fibre and yarn sector as an advantage?
It is a positive move for ITMA to expand its raw material sector to include fabrics. With this comprehensive profile, and a larger group of exhibitor, buyers will find it more worthwhile to sourceat ITMA.

What are the advantages of participating in ITMA versus other textile and garment related exhibitions?
First, ITMA has a strong reputation, strict participation criteria and a comprehensive exhibit profile from every part of the textile and garment production value chain. Therefore, it is a one-stop and ideal sourcing platform. The buyers who visit ITMA are world exporters and major manufacturers, so exhibitors like us can meet top tier customers from all over the world.

Would you recommend ITMA to Egyptian fibre and yarn manufacturers as a key exhibition to be included in their exhibition calendar?
Yes, we wouldas ITMA typically attract buyers come over 140 countries. This means that our products are exposed to an international audience and expand our markets. 

Any other benefits or comments on ITMA or your participation.
ITMA is only held every four years, so it is important to be present at the exhibition in order to expose our products at an international level, win new customers and get new contacts.