Tuesday 16th of April 2024
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About Us

About Us

As one of the world’s largest textiles manufacturing countries, Egypt’s reputation is synonymous with that of excellence and high quality. Its supply of luxurious and resilient cotton is recognized all over the world. Egypt holds one of the largest textile sectors in the region, with over 4000 factories and employing over one million workers, Furthermore, the textile industry is the leading manufacturing sector in Egypt, with manufacturing output exceeding 23 Billion Egyptian pounds and exports of over 1.2 billion US dollars.

In October 2002, Khoyout, Egypt’s first textile publication was launched, offering Egypt its first quarterly specialized textile magazine. It has since offered a growing communication platform for the industry. The magazine address the demand of the sector, providing the industry with the current events, insight into the key players in the Egyptian and international market, as well as giving the industry a portal into the textile industry around the world.

Khoyout is establishing its presence through participation in various local and regional textile exhibition and trade fairs, giving its advertisers a wider reach and more diverse exposure.

Our belief is that quality content, attractively presented, is what attract our readers and ultimately creates value for our advertisers, As such; we have planned our content to create maximum interest and value.