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New R&I Center in Egypt to Support the Transition to the Circular Bioeconomy of the Future 2022-07-04 07:07:17

New R&I Center in Egypt to Support the Transition to the Circular Bioeconomy of the Future

Dr. Mohamad Midani, Ph.D.  - Managing Partner of Intexive Consulting

United Kingdom – based Scaleup Innovations Holdings Limited (SIH) to invest in its first offshore research and innovation center in Egypt named VALORIZEN (

As governments around the world try to fulfill their sustainability pledge and achieve their net-zero goals and transform into a circular bioeconomy model. VALORIZEN center was established to accelerate this transition. VALORIZEN is a research and innovation center that develops, scales up and commercializes technologies to valorize sustainable materials, including biomass and waste valorization.


Biomass Valorization - Converting and refining biomass, including agricultural residues into value-added industrial raw materials.

Waste Valorization - Recycling and upcycling industrial waste, including textiles and fibers into industrial raw materials.

Knowledge Valorization - Transforming the results of research and innovation into sustainable products, processes, and services.

Dr. Mohamad Midani, CEO, VALORIZEN said:

“Our main goals are to develop and commercialize technologies to valorize biomass and waste. Further, to transform them into sustainable materials with significant levels of demand and build a knowledge-based circular bioeconomy out of such underutilized resources.”

VALORIZEN Activities

Over the years VALORIZEN has crafted its own technology development process, taking an idea from a lower Technology Readiness Level (TRL), towards commercialization.

  1. Technology scouting & validation (TRL 1-2)
  2. Innovative experimental research (TRL 3-4)
  3. Pilot scale experiments (TRL 5-7)
  4. Technology commercialization
  5. Design and development of industrial systems (TRL 8-9)

Collaborating with VALORIZEN

Whether you are an individual researcher or a research center, whether you are an industrial company or government institute, there is something in it for you.

Licensing - If you are an industrial company/ government institute and searching for sustainable technologies for resource valorization. We can help you select, license, and industrialize one of our high impact innovations.

Scaling Up - If you are a scientist/ researcher and have a proof of concept and unable to scale it up. VALORIZEN can help you refine, scaleup and commercialize your invention.

Consulting - If you are an industrial company and need to outsource your R&D in biomass and waste valorization. VALORIZEN can provide external R&D services to match your institutional needs.

Sponsorship -If you are a government institute or developmental organization and want to promote the sustainable valorization of material resources. VALORIZEN can help you in sponsoring one or several purpose-driven innovations in various technology readiness levels (TRL).

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